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About Us


What Is DriveDown?

DriveDown is a curated online automotive marketplace utilizing a new and innovative top-down pricing approach.  Our transparent pricing saves the buyer and seller time with built-in negotiation


Every accepted vehicle is listed at an initial offering price, and drops in price daily until it is sold, with a 7 day limit. Buy Now today, or wait for a lower price tomorrow, but risk missing out to another buyer. 


We are NOT a dealer, we connect buyers and sellers!


Why We Created DriveDown

As car enthusiasts and collectors, we wanted to create an automotive marketplace that wasn’t another auction website, but a place where you can click ‘Buy Now’ instantly at a price you’re comfortable with.


Gone are the days of buyers and sellers negotiating back and forth, bidding wars, or having to wait for the last two minutes of an auction.  We have had ample experience with various online automotive marketplaces and auctions, and over time have thought of ways to build a better platform for both the buyer and seller. 


We found other sites to have far too much unknown, so we created a completely transparent buy-now marketplace where you are in the driver’s seat.

Time Savings

“The most precious resource we all have is time.” — Steve Jobs

As A Seller

If you’ve ever sold a car before in person or online, you are aware of how much time is wasted by low-ballers and “tire kickers”.  In those instances, when a potential buyer inquires, the first question is “what is the lowest you’ll go?”  Most potential buyers then ask for more information and pictures, and then offer a price well below the “lowest you’ll go”.  This causes frustration and a waste of time.


Since we know how valuable time is, DriveDown already includes all the pictures, videos, and information from the get-go that most buyers would normally ask for.  Not only is all of this information included in your listing, but most importantly, our format has built-in negotiation by dropping in price until it sells or hits your reserve.  This saves you from low-ballers and time-wasters.  If a potential buyer isn’t comfortable with today’s price, they can wait for the price to drop, but they risk losing it to other buyers. 

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