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  • What is DriveDown?
    DriveDown is an online platform and community developed to help enthusiasts across the country buy and sell the cars we all love. DriveDown is NOT an auction, but instead a curated marketplace utilizing top-down pricing with built-in negotiation. The days of feeling like you’re along for a ride, or getting excited only to be let down in the final minute are over.
  • How much does it cost to list my car?
    Listing is FREE for sellers. No strings attached, no risk.
  • What happens when I click Buy Now?
    It will bring you to a verification screen, where you will add a credit card to pay the 5% buyer’s fee (if you don’t already have a credit card on file). Once you confirm that information and click submit, it is a binding purchase, your card will be charged the 5% buyer’s fee instantly, and the purchase price will be due directly to the seller within 7 days. We will connect you and the seller by providing your email addresses and phone numbers to each other.
  • What are the fees?
    Listing a car is FREE! There are no costs or fees for the seller. There is a 5% Buyer's Fee of the purchase price of the car – capped at $5,000. The 5% is additional to the Buy Now (or Proxy Offer) purchase price, and will be charged to your credit card immediately upon agreeing to purchase the car. The purchase price of the car is due directly to the seller within 7 days. Buyer's can acquire their own financing.
  • What is a Proxy Offer?
    A Proxy Offer is a binding offer amount by a buyer that can be made at any time during a listing (or Coming Soon). It is a completely confidential proxy offer that the seller nor other buyers can see. It allows for a “set it and forget it” function on our platform, so you don’t have to be at your computer the second it drops to the price you’re willing to pay. The proxy offer can be any amount above the 7th day (floor) price. If the daily price strikes the price at or below your proxy offer, and you have the highest proxy offer at that time, you instantly win the car (your credit card will be charged 5%, and the purchase price will be due to the seller within 7 days). You can place proxy offers at a certain day’s price, or anywhere between 2 prices (as a "tie-breaker" to secure the car over other people that also place a proxy offer in that range). Example: A car could currently have a $37,000 Buy Now price, but you are only comfortable paying $35,000. You can submit a Proxy Offer for $35,000, and if the price gets to the $35,000 increment on the price bar, you automatically win the car (as long as there aren’t other buyers with higher proxy offers). A buyer can also make an offer at any increment between the daily amounts to act as a “tie-breaker”. If you placed a proxy offer for $35,250 instead in this example, if there was another buyer with a $35,000 proxy offer, you would win the car. Proxy offers aren’t shown, so offer the full amount you are comfortable with. If the car sells for the $37,000 Buy Now, or any other amount greater than your Proxy Offer, you will not win the car, and the 5% buyers fee credit card hold will be removed. When you place a proxy offer on a car, it is binding and you cannot lower or cancel it. You are, however, able to raise your proxy offer and/or use the Buy Now function at any time during the listing!
  • Can I place a Proxy Offer in Coming Soon above the first day price?
    Yes, a Proxy Offer can be made in Coming Soon and just has to be above the final 7th day floor price. If it's a specific car you've wanted for a while, and are worried someone will Buy Now at the first day price, you can place a Proxy Offer above the first day price in hopes of securing the car!
  • How does DriveDown “top-down” pricing work?
    Every accepted vehicle is listed at an initial offering price, and drops in price daily until it is sold, with a maximum of 7 days. Buy Now today, or wait for a lower price tomorrow, but risk missing out to another buyer. This gets us to the exciting part of DriveDown – you don’t bid against other people, you can buy the car at any time you feel comfortable doing so, as long as you buy it before someone else does! You truly are in the driver’s seat in this new form of buying.
  • What does the Proxy Offer mean for the seller?
    Congratulations! You can sit back and relax knowing that your car WILL sell, and the proxy offer placed is now the minimum guaranteed price that the car will sell at. More good news is that any buyer can still click “Buy Now” or Proxy Offer at any price above that.
  • What is Last Call (when a car goes through the initial 7 day period and doesn’t sell)?
    We thought of this, too. Sometimes a 7 day listing isn’t long enough to coincide with a buyer looking for their dream car. If the car doesn’t sell during the first 7 days, it moves to our Last Call section. The vehicle will remain in Last Call for an additional 7 days at the floor price, where a buyer can find their dream car at a great price.
  • Why would I list my car here instead of “competitors”?
    DriveDown saves buyers and sellers time and stress. The negotiation is built in, and we do all the marketing and difficult work for you. It also offers a completely different approach from auction sites, as there is no bidding against each other. Our pricing is transparent, and without shill bidding or games. If a listed vehicle is at a price you feel comfortable with, just click the Buy Now button and it’s yours. Our main priority is connecting enthusiasts to make a seamless and successful transaction.
  • Where do I submit my car?
    Just click the Sell My Car button at the top of the page!
  • Are taxes included in the listed price?
    No, tax varies by state and is separate from the purchase price listed on DriveDown.
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